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Ceramic fiber rope
Detailed description
Professional insulation manufacturers genuine sales of ceramic fiber rope, our factory of this ceramic fiber rope products are made of ceramic fiber, the main types of products are: ceramic fiber twisted rope, ceramic fiber round wire rope, ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber round rope / square rope, ceramic fiber rope. Can be widely used in chemical, electric power, paper, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, boiler door, high temperature, high pressure, pump, valve seal.
Advantages of ceramic fiber rope:
1) the use of high temperature: long-term working temperature can reach 1000, short-term working temperature can reach 1200;
2) anti acid and alkali corrosion and aluminum, zinc and other corrosion;
3) low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, and high temperature strength;
4) without alkali glass fiber reinforced ceramic fiber products have good electrical insulation and high temperature insulation;
5) no toxic, no smell, no harm to human health.
Application domain:
The heat pipe heat insulation and sealing, cable insulation coating, coke oven opening seal, cracking furnace brick wall expansion joints, electric furnace and oven etc. door sealing, boilers, high temperature gas seals, flexible expansion joint.
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